Mary Undoer of Knots

Christ came to bring JOY;

Joy to children, joy to parents,

Joy to families and friends,

Joy to the sick and elderly,

Joy to all humanity.

In a true sense, JOY is the keynote message of Christianity,

And the recurring motif of the Gospels.

Go, therefore, and become Messengers of Joy!

~ Pope John Paul II

Friday, May 14, 2010


     Fiat! What was Mary’s fiat? During this month of May, the month traditionally held to be Mary’s month, we can not think of our Blessed Mother without remembering her FIAT. Translated from Latin, fiat is simply Let it be done.

     Mary said, "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word."
Luke 1:38
     May it be done to ME.

     May it be DONE.

     May it BE.

     What is Mary’s Fiat, but a complete and total surrender to the will of God? A YES, without having to know every single detail of what will happen in her world. A YES to the joy of bringing the Son of God into the world with her quiet cooperation. A YES to the suffering, and the swords that would pierce her own heart for giving everything she had and everything she was to our Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.

     Do we say YES to our Lord every day? Do we say YES to suffering and YES to loving and YES to giving everything we are to our Father in heaven, His Son, and our sanctifier, comforter and teacher, the Holy Spirit?

     Jesus lived His FIAT to our Father in heaven every day of His earthly life. During His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, His remarkable fiat when He said, Not my will, but Thine be done, was nothing less than a complete and total gift of Himself for you and for me. Without this gift, we could have no hope of redemption.

     How can we honor God and give ourselves to Him? How can we begin to live our lives more and more for Him each day through our surrender to His Divine will? How can we make Mary’s words our own? Perhaps we should be like Mary and ponder these things in our hearts. Let it be done unto us according to Your Word, Lord. Let it be done.


Patty Bonds said...

On earth, as it is in heaven. In other words, perfectly. It's so wonderful to know that no matter how crazy things seem right now, someday His will will be done perfectly on earth as it is in heaven.

Christina said...

It litterally fills my heart with JOY to know this! Thanks for the reminder, Patty! You're the best!

arsec26 said...

...yesterday, Fr. Paul talked about the fig tree that wasn't in season for the fruits yet, and so we just have to wait. In prayer, I gave thanks to all things I thought were impossible that the Father made possible...and to please give us all faith and always believe, that in Him, nothing is impossible. I pray to keep my sesnses heightened for the miracles big and small that He gives us everyday---I don't want to miss any one of them! Love to you, Christina. Joy, I carry in my heart and you are a big part of it too. I thank God for you. =)

Christina said...

Love to you, too, Marivon! You bring so much joy to my life. I thank God for YOU! :-)

Your faith is an inspiration, and it is soooo clear to me that Mary is leading you to Jesus in a powerful way. Hope to see you soon! Have fun at the BEE!