Mary Undoer of Knots

Christ came to bring JOY;

Joy to children, joy to parents,

Joy to families and friends,

Joy to the sick and elderly,

Joy to all humanity.

In a true sense, JOY is the keynote message of Christianity,

And the recurring motif of the Gospels.

Go, therefore, and become Messengers of Joy!

~ Pope John Paul II

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prayer for Priests

It is so important that we pray for our priests, especially as we see the Church increasingly under attack by the secular world.

This is a prayer I composed a year or two ago for the priests in my life.  I am always adding names as I meet new people or hear of specific intentions.
Please protect these men from the wickedness and snares of the evil one.  Strengthen them to give everything they are and everything they have for Your people, whom they are called to serve.  May they speak only Truth, and be worthy examples of Christ on earth, preaching the Gospel at all times, proclaiming it loudly when necessary, and never fearing the consequences for doing so.  Give them courage, Keep them safe, and fill their hearts with Your authentic love and joy.  Help them always and everywhere to be Your humble and obedient servants, through Christ, our Lord.  Amen.

Fr. Peter O'Rourke, Fr. Joe Fleury, Fr. Mark Swope, Fr. Mike McCormick, Fr. John Chmil, Fr. Ed Michelini, Fr. Alphones Perikala, Fr. John Kita, Fr. Greg Kelly, Fr. Martin Boylan, Fr. Greg Villaescusa, Fr. Ed Scott, Fr. Jim Nash, Fr. Killian Loch, Fr. Joe Hornick, Fr. Joe Manarchuck, Fr. Jacek Bialkowski, Fr. Vince Langan, Fr. Andrew Hzdovik, Fr. Chris Sahd, Fr. Chris Washington, Fr. Joseph Kane, Fr. Cassian Yuhaus, Fr. Thomas Petro, Fr. John McHale, Fr. Phil Sladicka, Fr. Ed Buckheit, Fr. David Betts, Fr. John Grimm, Fr. Jim Rafferty, Msgr John Esseff, Msgr. Neil Van Loon 

The Dominican friars of St. Joseph Province

Deacon Joe Roinick, Deacon Bill Graham, Deacon Leo Lynn

Bishop Joseph Bambera, Bishop Joseph Martino, Bishop John Dougherty, Bishop James Timlin

Archbishop Charles Chaput, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Archbishop Joseph Rigali, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo

Pope Benedict XVI

 from St. Faustina's Diary: 
O my Jesus, I beg You on behalf of the whole Church .... give us holy priests.  You Yourself maintain them in holiness.  O Divine and Great High Priest, may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil's traps and snares, which are continually being set for the souls of priests.  May the power of Your mercy, O Lord, shatter and bring to naught all that might tarnish the sanctity of priests, for You can do all things. 

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